Ways That A Personal Trainer Can Help You Overcome A Plateau

Working with a personal trainer is a good way to achieve your fitness goals. Regardless of what your goals are, your trainer can help you reach the finish line. As you progress toward your goals, you might occasionally hit a small plateau. A workout plateau is a term that describes a time when the results you've been seeing stop being as noticeable. For example, you might lose a couple of pounds a week for several weeks and then reach a point at which you stop losing weight. Workout plateaus are common and can be discouraging when you're working out on your own. With a trainer, however, you'll have no time to feel discouraged because they'll be offering solutions for the plateau.

New Exercises

The most common solution that a personal trainer will offer for a workout plateau is to try some new exercises. Plateaus often occur when your body grows accustomed to its workout regimen. Changing things up can help you to climb past the plateau, as well as create new interest in your workouts. For example, if you've been working on cardiovascular exercises at the gym such as jogging on a treadmill and using a stationary bicycle, your trainer may introduce you to an elliptical trainer or stair climber.

More Rest

One thing that you may not realize is that your body needs to rest. If you're trying to build muscle, for example, and you're pushing yourself too hard, it's easy to hit a plateau. Your personal trainer won't create a workout regimen that doesn't give you enough rest between workouts. However, if you're occasionally working out on your own or you have an extremely physical job, you may hit a plateau because you're not resting enough. If your trainer senses this, they may adjust your workout plan to feature one or more extra days of rest.

Dietary Changes

It's common for personal trainers to help you with diet recommendations. Many trainers have taken courses in nutrition, allowing them to provide more value to their clients. If you've reached a plateau with your weight loss, your trainer will likely look at exercise and diet. In addition to changing the workouts that you're doing, they may also encourage you to adjust your diet in one or more ways. Over time, these strategies can help you to overcome your plateau and get your progress back on track. Contact a local personal trainer to help you with your fitness goals.